99 Thai Fusion Restaurant

Serving Authentic Thai Dishes


A1 99 Thai Fusion Sampler :
Combinations: 2 chicken satays, 2 egg rolls, 2 crispy coconut shrimps, 2 crab cheese wontons, and 2 golden bags. Served with sweet chili sauce, peanut sauce, and cucumber sauce. 12.99

A2 Chicken Satay (4 pcs) :
Strips of grilled, marinated chicken breast that served with peanut sauce, and cucumber sauce. 9.99

A3 Fresh Spring Rolls (8 pcs) :
Fresh soft spring rolls, filled with lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts, fresh Thai herbs, rice noodles, shredded chicken, and shrimps. Served with black soy sauce and peanut sauce. 9.99

A4 Crispy Coconut Shrimps (6 pcs) :
Deep-fried, battered tiger shrimp with crushed coconut. Served with sweet chili sauce. 9.99

A5 Thai Egg Rolls (4 pcs) :
(choices of pork or vegetarian) Crispy fried egg rolls filled with fresh vegetables, glass Noodles. Served with sweet chili sauce. 6.99

A6 Thai Curry Puff (6 pcs) :
Deep-fried small pie consisting of curry with chicken and potatoes. Served with sweet sauce. 9.99

A7 Shrimps in the Blanket (6 pcs) :
Shrimps are wrapped in thin rice paper. Crispy outside and soft and spicy inside 9.99

A8 Crab Cream Cheese Wontons (8 pcs) :
Golden, fried wontons filled with imitation crab and cream cheese, served with Thai sweet chili sauce. 8.99

A9 Golden Calamari:
Crispy calamari in tempura batter, served with tasty Thai sweet chili sauce. 10.99

A10 Golden Bags (6 pcs) :
Minced pork, water chestnuts and vegetables wrapped in Thai pastry. Served with sweet chili sauce. 9.99

A11 Look Chin Tod (12 pcs) :
Deep fried meat balls, served with sweet chili sauce. 8.99

A12 Adamame :
Steamed immature soybeans in the pod, and served with salt and topped with roasted white sesame seeds. 5.99

A13 Gyoza (6 pcs) :
Japanese pan fried dumping combined with ground pork, mixed vegetables, and served with sweet sauce. 6.99

A14 Seaweed Salad:
Seaweed mixed with roasted white sesame seeds. 5.99