99 Thai Fusion Restaurant

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Thai Salads

All salads doesn't include rice.

Side dishes:
Sticky Rice $2.99, Steamed Thai Jasmine Rice $2.99, Brown Rice $3.99

Choose Your Spicy Levels:

SL14 Green Papaya Salad (Som Tum)
A tasty salad of green papaya, carrots, and shrimps with Som Tum sauce tossed with Thai green beans, tomatoes and crushed peanut. $11.99

SL15 Seafood Salad (Yum Ta-le)
Steamed combination of seafood: in spicy lime dressing with mint, shallots, cilantro, onions and chili paste. $17.99

SL16 Country-Style Chicken Salad (Larb)
(a choice of beef or pork) a country-style, spicy salad of minced chicken, shallots, a mix of fresh Thai herbs, and fresh lime dressing. $14.99

SL17 Waterfall Salad Steak (Nam Tok)
Slices of grilled 10 oz New York Steak in a salad with a spicy “northern style”. Dressing with fresh Thai herbs. 17.99

SL18 Beef or Chicken Salad
Slices of beef or chicken in spicy lime dressing, tomatoes, white & green onion, cucumber, shallots, cilantro, and mint. $14.99

SL19 Yum Woon Sen
Glass noodles, chopped pork, shrimps, and tomatoes tossed with shallots, cilantro, fresh chili, mint, and fresh lime juice on a bed of fresh lettuce. $15.99