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99 Spcials

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SP1 Pad Thai Steak
Stir-fried rice noodles with special pad Thai sauce, eggs, bean sprouts, tofu, green onion, and topped with grilled and sliced a 10 oz. New York Steak. Served with crushed peanut, ground Thai chili, and a fresh lime slice on the side. 24.99

SP2 Crying Tiger
A 10 oz. New York Steak grilled, then sliced on top of yellow onion with butter. Served in a hot plate with our home made Thai special sauce dipping. 20.99

SP3 Grilled Salmon Steak
A 8 oz. grilled salmon topped with grilled onion and mushroom. Served with steamed brown rice, carrots, and broccoli. 15.99

SP4 New York Steak
A 10 oz. New York Steak. Served with zucchini, carrots, broccoli, and a choice of side and sauce. 21.99

SP5 Lobster Curry
Lobster cooked with red curry in coconut milk with meat, bell peppers, zucchini, peas, bamboo shoots, and Thai basil. 20.99

SP6 Deep Fried Cat Fish Sour Soup
The Thai famous deep-fried cat fish in spicy and sour coconut milk soup with mushroom and tomatoes flavored with lemongrass, and fresh lime juice. 13.99

SP7 Pad Thai Nude
(your choice of beef, chicken, or pork) Stir-fried Korean Dai-kon noodle with egg, carrot, green papaya, deep-fried tofu, yellow onion, garlic chives, bean spouts, and ground peanut. Served with sliced fresh lime. 13.99 / Shrimp: 14.99 / Seafood: 16.99

SP8 Tom Zaap (Beef and Tender Stew)
The Thai famous beef and tender stew soup with lemon glass, galangals, kaffir lime leaves, fresh lime juice, yellow onion, green onion, and cilantro 14.99